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About Nutkraft

Create the change you want to see!

We want to support your efforts in feeding clients and customers with real food created from organic and simple ingredients. We are a family owned business and was established with a mission of bringing back quality food with natural ingredients to as many as we can reach.

Directly work with manufacturer – no middleman

We fell in love with nuts over 14 years ago. During this time we have been systematically expanding our processing facility. We specialize in organic products for the last 10 years.

The key to perfect products obviously starts with best ingredients but let us tell you a bit of our secrets where the magic beginns:

Bottling and labeling is no news to us. This is done by an automatic line which can label your jar as well as lid for your customer safety and security.


Roasting peanuts in our facility.

Products “Made in Europe”

We care about organic products every day. Just choose ready to go product so you can focus on your brand and speed to market. We move quickly to fulfill your projects to meet your customer demands so they can eat delicious butters for:

Already created to launch faster

Prepare your order for:

Everything you need to manage all

Let's work together!
Enhance your product offerings and let them be enjoyed by your customers.
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