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GHEE BUTTER manufacturer

Create your own BRAND of ghee butters

Use our EXPERIENCE and just add your label

Get inspired, create your label and let us launch your product fast.
Take advantage of our experience and choose legit products loved by customers around the world. Whether you are large retailer, startup, ecommerce or amazon seller trying to expand your portfolio you can just choose ready to go product so you can focus on your brand and speed to market. This shortens for you production time, reduce unnecessary costs and limit unnecessary stock in your warehouse. Let's order regularly smaller amounts or just take more flavors at once. We can support your growing business, so let us grow together.

How it works 

From 1 palette (apx 1248 jars) we will turn your dream to reality. Our low minimum run requirements to help launch new brands can help jump start your project. For established brands, we can move quickly to fulfill your projects to meet your customer demand. As your brand and products scale to larger volumes we will work with you along the way.

Choose :

Organic ghee butter - private label / white label

organic ghee butter - private label nutkraft
Organic ghee butter 240g - our brand

Ghee butter - private label / white label

Ghee butter 240g - private label - nutkraft
Ghee butter 240g - convencional - our brand